Hello Mistress.Are You looking for a new slave,or better yet,a slave-husband?

Yes! How did you know?! At last my search is over!

What I’ve always longed for is an idiot for a slave, even better as a husband.

I dream of the kind of man who can’t read even a short paragraph of description before sending pathetic inappropriate messages to strangers, and, I’ll admit, even as a young girl I imagined myself, spending my evenings gazing into the vacant little eyes of a man whose inability to do any research was matched only by the clichéd dullness of his fantasies.

But it’s hard for a girl like me. There are so few truly retarded wannabe slaves. I’ve searched high and low for a man-monkey who barely scrapes a double digit IQ. 

And now you’ve found me.

Oh happy day!

I’m not a big one for female superiority, but in your case ingustoiy1, I think we can all agree you’re the exception that proves the rule. By definition everyone is superior to you. You’re truly living the dream.

When can we meet?

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