Hello Jane, Long time admirer of your site. You have introduced so many fun things to our marriage, like chastity, pegging, vibrators and plugs. I’m also a big fan of being caged and plugged. I’m a little worried about a whole month since two weeks has been my longest period of chastity so far. My wife have added in a little spanking (nothing to severe) to make sure I stay in line and wonder if you and your husband have experimented with spanking. Looking forward to an exciting October. J

You’re so welcome! Thank you for the lovely encouragement xxx

We do spanking, but it’s me getting spanked! And even then we end up laughing most of the time. It’s just not a thing for us, and the idea of doing it to him does nothing for either of us.

The only thing anything like that (they call it impact play in bdsm circles) we’ve done is some flogging his cock with a fun little rubber flogger from Lovehoney,  just for fun as it’s quite a sexy sensation apparently. 

But that’s okay, you know, different strokes for different folks (literally!)

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