Hello I’m newly locked up and been following your blog for awhile, it’s so hot and my girl loves it, I get so submissive and horny I turn into a little sissy bitch lol well I already am a sissy lol but wow being in a cage is very intense at first especially for me one reason why I got it is because I play with myself too much, and this is helping me obviously I don’t have a choice lol but wow can’t believe what I’ll do to get let out aha cheers please don’t stop posting :))

Thanks Jimmy!

Lots of us love getting you in chastity but just take it slowly with the sissy stuff, that’s something you really need to explain to her and help her understand before you do too much.

I’m glad to hear the cage is helping with your masturbation addiction, it’s so much better to be focusing your efforts on her. I hope she’s being strict enough that she is getting the benefits and it’s not just about you. Make sure she reads this blog for some ideas too!

Jane xxx

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