Hello, I have a question… I am in a relationship and would love to be kept chaste by my wife. She is open for it. We tried several cages, but I was not able to wear one of them for longer than a few hours before it got really very unpleasent. The skin got red and sore. I succeeded to wear a “closed” cage (made of plastic) over night, but my glans (I am cicumcized) sticked most painfully to the inside. Is there a trick? A kind of lube you use? Thank you for answering :-)

Hi there!

Yes, we use good quality silicon lube, it’s so important. Hubby has the CB-6000, plastic and metal now, and you need to lube around the ring and the part your cock is in particularly. Don’t use water based lube as it sticks horribly after it dries. Hopefully that’ll help a lot. And beyond that then it’s making sure you get the ring size right, try different ones, and then build up, a few hours, to a day, to longer…

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