“Baby please?,” Jason whimpered pleadingly. “Can’t you make it less than five minutes this time? Please??”

Kimmie shook her head. “No honey, you know the rules. I’ll let you inside my soft, tight pussy…. but first, you have to show me you can last five minutes like this. If you can….. mmm, Jason I’ll make it soooo good for you.”

“Oh god…. then…. can we stop for a few minutes and then start over??” Jason and Kimmie had been dating for six weeks and he had still yet to pass her test.

She laughed softly and smirked, well aware of exactly why he was asking. Every time before she would administer her wicked little test Kimmie would first spend at least a half hour working poor Jason in to a frenzy with a steamy, feverish make out session. Then, as soon as they finished she would immediately straddle him and begin the countdown.

“No sweetie, of course we can’t,” she replied. Grinning a little she added, “… but, look at the bright side you’re almost one minute in already. All you have to do is last four….. more……. minutes. Think you can do it baby?”

She loved the agonized look of focus and concentration on his face, the way he was so obviously trying to channel every ounce of his being in to somehow trying to ignore the sensation of her soft, moist pussy rubbing and gliding along the outline of his trapped erection.

“Sweetie? What’s the matter? It feels nice, doesn’t it? But yet, you look so…. distraught? Are you…. distraught honey?,” she teased in an innocent voice.

Panting he softly begged, “Kimmie please…. slow down…..”

Smirking, she indeed did slow down, but at the same let her hips sink down lower, trapping his cock even more snugly against the softness of her pussy. She then began to grind even more erotically, looking down and asking, “Like that Jason?…. is that better for you?”

Jason gasped, then groaned, “Baby no…. nooo… please, not like that……”

“Mmm, but it feels so good honey, I love it like this…. god, you’re sooo hard Jason. Can you hold back for me this time baby?? Please??”

“Oh god, oh god…. I’m trying Kimmie, I’m trying! Baby please? Slow down… I want to be inside you sooo bad!”

“I want that too Jason! Hold back for us baby… don’t cum baby… don’t cum…….”

A moment later Jason let out an agonized groan, his body surrendering as his cock began erupting. Smirking down at him Kimmie teased with a pouting expression, “Awww, are you cumming baby?…….. hmmm?…. still can’t hold back?….. you poor thing, and you were trying really, really hard, huh?”

She couldn’t help but grin at the defeated look on his face, continuing to sensually grind and writhe above him until his orgasm subsided. She then looked down at him, tilting her head slightly and cooing, “Poor baby….”

Kimmie then snuggled down in to him, cuddling and nuzzling in to his neck. Sympathetically she purred, “Aww, don’t feel bad honey…. you almost made it to four minutes that time. I bet maybe next time you’ll be able to do it?”

Such an incredibly torturous tease!

Indeed….no help at alllll with the self control…..

Great story but it’d been even hotter if she’s just raised up and watched him ruin it instead!

‘You know you’re only allowed to cum properly when inside me, baby. Now clean up the mess you made, and cage him back up. We’ll see if he’s learnt more self control after another week’.

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