Happy International Male Chastity Day!

Hi everyone,

If you’re into this wonderful kink of male chastity and cock cages then you can’t have failed to have noticed that today is (totally unofficially…) International Male Chastity Day. The thinking being, of course, that it’s a month till Valentine’s Day – well, any excuse to lock up a cock is a good one, right?

To celebrate over the month I’ll be looking back over the last two years of posts that we’ve written and reblogging some of my favourites, perhaps with some updates too. 

Amazingly, we just hit 10,000 followers this week too which is just, incredible, so thank you all for being so fabulous.

To start with then, let’s not forget that we have a ready made 30 day programme that’s just perfect if you’re locking up for the month, or just wanting to explore male chastity as a couple – and that is our famous Locktober tasks and posts.

So, here for today’s repost is the entire set of Locktober tasks that I put my blood, sweat and his pre-cum into (lol). I encourage you to look through them and pick the ones you like most and plan to try them out over the next month.

We’ll have some new cage reviews coming soon too, and if there’s any content you’d like to see then please just message us, we’ve had a nice break from doing too much on the blog recently so very happy to up the pace again!


Tell my your favourite posts from the blog too, I’d love to hear what you guys like best!

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