The Ultimate Ruined Orgasm

  1. You’ll need some lube.
  2. Next get him to lie down on his back with his hands tied behind his head. 
  3. Make your forefinger and thumb into a circle, then circle his head,and, squeezing quite hard, slide your hand slowly all the way down his shaft to the base.
  4. As your first hand reaches the bottom, circle his head with the forefinger and thumb of the other hand and repeat the process. Keep doing this, slowly so it’s a never-ending cycle. 
  5. He’ll gets right to the edge like this, but it’s never enough to tip him over – and in this case, with the ruined orgasm – this is what we want. 
  6. Once he’s at the edge, and begging, and I mean really begging to come, if necessary change your technique to you’re sliding your finger and thumb up and down the head only.
  7. Be sure to grip hard and you’ll feel his dick start to pulse under your finger just as he starts to come. And that’s when you let go and stop all stimulation! 
  8. At this point he’s going to be bucking and twitching, moaning groaning and begging, pushing up with his hips just to get contact of any kind with anything (a nice tease is to hover your hand just above his pulsing member and move it away as he thrusts).
  9. End the session with a kiss.

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