Haha! You are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!

If you stop, you go to bed with aching blue balls and the knowledge that this was your last chance to cum for the next month!

But if you are brave enough to go on, you will shoot your big load right in your own face!

If I were you, I would hurry! The longer you continue, the more difficult and frustrating it will be for you to stop! Otherwise you will just build up more pressure which leads to even more jizz in your face!

But you can’t really decide, can you? It feels just too damn good to thrust your throbbing cock between my firm breast after a month denial, doesn’t it? Haha! You are such a poor boy!

Let’s see if you cover my tits with precum or your face with cum first! But knowing how horny and indecisive you are, both will probably happen in the end! Either way, I will be happy with the result! Haha!

Hot caption again!

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