When chastity gets real.

Before that

Every device I tried

Plastic, Metal

Stock, Custom

Cheap, Expensive

They were ALL easily escaped from

Easy to worm out the top of

Easy to masturbate in

Easy to tuck myself back into… undetected.

But sitting in the Piercers chair with my little penis hanging out

The clinical feel of her gloved hands on me

The needle cutting through my skin and into my urethra

I knew the FANTASY of chastity

Was being replaced with the REALITY of chastity.

Once your penis goes inside a restrictive metal cage

And is locked there

With a stainless steel post

Through your living flesh

And you hand the key to your penis to another human being

Another human being

Who gets their sexual pleasure

From seeing you denied

From seeing you squirm

From hearing you beg

That’s when you know

The difference between obedience

And control.

Wow, this idea excites me much more than I admit. I trust hubby to not pull out but it’s so much more powerful if that’s not even an option…

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