Do you work for Lovehoney or just use affiliate links to make a little cash on the side? I ask because it speaks to the credibility of this site.

Oh my god the credibility of this site! I didn’t think of that,  you’re right. It completely undermines the journalistic integrity of this BLOG I MADE FOR SOME FUN ABOUT CAGING MY HUSBAND COCK.

Shit, that’s my chances for a Pulitzer TOTALLY blown. I had my hopes pinned on that Post Orgasm Torture expose…

I didn’t even know if I should bother replying to this question, but in the end I couldn’t resist. That you’d actually take time to complain about this is remarkable. Yes, my husband figured out how to make affiliate links to Lovehoney, the company we love, have used for over a decade and have been recommending since day one, so that should anyone happen to buy off our advice they give us a credit.

I’m kind of flattered that you think we might work for them, but, seriously, have you READ this blog?!  No, obviously we don’t!

If it offends you that the hours and hours I put into this site actually mean we get occasional (very small) amounts to spend on new toys from Lovehoney I suggest 1. you get a life, 2. you don’t read my blog anymore.

But now you mention it, I will be more overt. As I’d love to spend more time on this blog but I have a hard time justifying it. If I made anything significant (as in more than pocket money) from this it would be amazing and free me up to put more effort into it.

So folks, SUPPORT THIS BLOG. If you’re thinking of buying some sex toys consider using the links we provide and you can actually help me buy more cock cages for hubby. Yay! 

On a serious note the reason we recommend Lovehoney (beside the fact we’ve used them for what must be 12 years now) is the amazing fact they give you 365 days no quibbles returns. So if you’re intrigued to try out a CB-6000 or see if a King Cock Extra Girthy dildo actually does make your wife cum, you can buy them, try it out,and just send it back for a refund if it doesn’t.

They also have their own TV series (seriously, who’d want to work in that Returns Department…).

So, help me keep him caged! Buy your sex toys through our blog.

Thank you very much you lovely horny people!

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