Do you have a favorite position to receive oral sex? Tonight I am thinking of trying riding his face, then maybe I’ll pinch his nose to cut off his air supply. He doesn’t get to breathe before I cum.

I hope you cum fast, or he’ll die…. that doesn’t sound sexy. 

Personally I like just lying back in bed, browsing tumblr or reading something sexy while he licks me. It’s also fun to put on porn so he can hear it but not see, lol

Pretty similar but a nice variation is him kneeling at the end of the bed with me shifted down near him. I can put my legs around his back then and if he’s kneeling rather than lying on the bed it’s hot to think of his cock just hanging down, caged. Also if he’s wearing a strap on that’s more practical as otherwise it’s pressing into the bed and he has to kind of lie sideways.

Sitting above him can be very hot but honestly, I prefer it relaxed most of the time. Although leaning over him and teasing his cock with my hand and mouth while he makes me cum is super hot.

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