Do you get involved in the cuckolding/sharing lifestyle too? If so did you raise this with hubby? Or is it generally a male suggestion? I ask as my girlfriend is trying to drop subtle hints, about wanting to try BBC(she’s not as subtle as she thinks though). I’m not into that at all. She’s very sexually driven so I’m just a bit concerned telling her this will damage our relationship. Jonny, 🇬🇧

Hi Jonny, thanks for the question.

We’re strictly monogamous. I understand it as a fantasy but the few real life examples of that kind of thing I’ve known about have ended disastrously for all involved.

There’s quite enough fun in this for the two of us, and we love using the strap on and dildos to indulge that kind of thing, bigger cock, him not feeling it, etc – but no, just us and that’s all it’ll ever be.

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