I know you and my sister are into the whole femdom thing, but I think she’s been yanking my chain. She says you haven’t cum at all in the entire time you’ve been dating. That’s not true, right?

You two are joking with me. How can you have not cum in almost a year? Is that like, even possible? I can barely go a day, myself. If nobody is around to make me cum, I take care of myself. Like, two, three times a day. And I’m a girl. Guys need it even more. You’re just messing with me.

No, you don’t have to show- Oh my god … your balls! They’re so huge and blue! Ok, uh, wow, you guys were serious. I don’t get it. The guys I sleep with, they just wanna cum and cum and cum, in me and on me. But you want to … like … never cum? That’s weird, but kinda hot, honestly.

Oh, don’t feel embarrassed. I can’t even imagine how horny you must be, and I’m just sitting here naked waiting for a guy I invited over. Hell, I’d be offended if you weren’t panting in angst.

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