Dear Jane, Your tumblr blog keephimcaged is fantastic. I have learned a lot and borrowed a number of great ideas from your posts. As with a lot of us on Tumblr, I am not looking forward to the Dec. 17th changes. Do you have another blog or an alternative? Cheers

Thanks for ALL the lovely comments about this everyone. Sorry for the slow reply, busy with real life!

What a shame this is, it seems like they are taking the lazy, easy way out and closing down what can be a wonderful, positive, and sexy community.

However, as far as I can see it’s not a complete disaster. The blog won’t be closed down, it just won’t let us use pictures with genitals or women’s nipples (how stupid is that). Now obviously that cuts out a lot of what I reblog, and that’s sad, but all the advice and tasks and things I write should be fine. So firstly we don’t plan on going anywhere.

However hubby was clever and saw this all coming and so you may have noticed that the blog is actually a proper website name so make sure to bookmark that so you can always find us.

So the plan will be to make that into a website where you can always find us and have some of our basic advice and stuff on there, and then keep this blog going without the naked pictures. But it’ll be a good way of communicating with everyone.

If we find another way of creating a stream of hot pics and captions which is what we mostly use tumblr for anyway then we’ll be sure to share it.

I hope that answers your questions

Jane xxx

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