Clearly You have many options to entertain yourself. Does he ever get pouty or jealous about his situation? And if so, do you ever resort to punishing him for it?

Not often. The main thing that will frustrate him is not getting enough attention when he’s caged.But I like to edge him most days so that’s rarely an issue. 

A quick one in the morning is brilliant. He’ll get up, make me a coffee, then get unlocked, go shower and then either I’ll get him back in bed and stroke his lubed cock while I read the news or similar, or occasionally I’ll get him to stand by the bed and suck him for a few minutes sitting on the bed.

Recently I’ve really got into putting a plug in him while i do that, pushing a lubed plug in while sucking him, you feel him get even harder as you do it, which is super hot.

Some nights (I usually go to sleep first) he’ll have posted some hot tumblr posts for me, so I’ll tell him ‘my turn’ while I lie back and read them and he goes down on me. Often he’ll just edge me too which leaves me so horny, it’s really hot. But other times I’ll say ‘make me cum’ and he will, mostly 😛 Such a great start to the day, and it means if I don’t do anything in the evening we’ve already played, so there’s less pressure.

The main thing is to be deliberate about it though. It’s fine not to let him out, but tell him you’re deciding that, and not just ignoring him. Even better don’t let him out but get him to go down on you!

If I do have something to punish him over it’s more likely to be him having a wank when we’ve not been doing chastity play. Honestly i don’t care that much, I like the idea of him masturbating, but it’s fun to have something to ‘punish’ so if he confesses he has, I’ll make sure to ruin him a few times, make him eat it maybe. We’re just not really into impact stuff, well, actually we are, but it’s me who likes the occasional spanking. I’d never want to do that to him.

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