Asking anon (for obvious reasons). So recently got a cheap cage to try, but the cage were a bit of a miss (tried this: Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone Chastity Cage). What i found out was that it didn’t stop me from getting semi-hard (cage way too large), which made it push forward and tug on the balls (and look stupid). So what cage would you recomend to keep me from growing at all, and thus keep me nice and soft?? I’m a grower btw (7″ hard, and maybe 3″ soft and kinda slim).

So, with any ball trap cock cage that does happen a bit, it’s got to get to pull on  your balls before it can totally stop you growing. But the key seems to be to get something that’s a snug fit from the beginning.

Your first bet is probably the CB-6000S – yes the small one. If you get down to 3″ then you’ll fill that and be very snug. That will stop you from being able to grow at all as you try the different ring sizes and ball gaps spacing it offers.

Worse case scenario you want the non-small version and if you get it from Lovehoney who that link goes to, you can just swap it out for free! But on the whole you want NO room for your erection to build up any momentum and you’ll mostly (apart from at night) avoid the problem you’ve been having.

There were some special offer codes in a post I put up the other day which might still work too.

For metal cages I think it’s hard to do better than our new discovery The Tight Squeeze which we both love, and with the right ring size will keep you very secure. 

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