Advice please

Ok after seeing and reading about you guys for an hour I’m going to ask you for advice.
Hahahahaha …….not for me and my wife but for me and my online Tumblr mistress.
She ( Princess Jessica) is quite young and not very imaginative.
I like her immensely– if you were her, what sort of ways would you behave towards ‘pets’ and followers?
I’m asking you because of your fabulous sexxxy imagination and I am sure you will cum up with some wonderful scenarios and action plans for my Princess.
Hell, I will even tell you her Tumbler name so you can correspond with her.
It is @l(I’m not promoting that shit)
She’s quickly gotten over 2,000 followers.
Thank you so much for reading, for possibly helping .
I’m going to tell
PrincessJessica the above so she’ll be forwarned
Ty…Thanks so much for even reading this ..
I expect nothing of course ❗️
( I’m a submissive male)

Wait what?

You’ve got an online ‘Tumblr mistress’, I assume behind your wife’s back, who lacks imagination, and you want MY HELP giving her ideas?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’m not going to help you with that! That’s awful! This blog is about enjoying chastity play in the context of loving, committed relationships. What are you even doing writing to me with this shit?

No particular disrespect to Jessica, but she’s a young woman who’s been able to write a few captions and figured out that pathetic cheating losers like you will give her some attention and perhaps gifts for looking cute.

How about instead of wasting your time on this shit you actually pay some attention to the woman you married and committed to?

You really are a pussy, Jon.

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