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Tease Ideas

Send him this with a caption like:

  • I don’t know which is more beautiful, her or the cock, what do you think, darling?
  • Looking at this made my mouth water
  • I want the strap on tonight…

Or just show him while edge him and whisper one of them in his ear…

(Seriously though, don’t you find this picture mesmerising? I do!)

Tease Ideas

Send him this post with one of the following captions:

Oh honey, that’s even bigger than our big dildo!

Wow, if you were this big I’d never lock you up

Do you like me looking at big cocks now, honey?

Tease Idea:

Send this to your fella with one of the following captions:

  • If you were this big I’d never cage your cock
  • Sometimes I wish you were this big
  • Imagine if that was me…

Hope these are useful… feedback appreciated. Obviously I’m varying the level of ‘edgeiness’ with the different options. Just delete this whole caption and use the one you prefer, or even better get inspiration to write your own!

You’re very creative with your teasing, I struggle to come up with ideas. Do you think you can post some things I could send my partner it would be really helpful, ty. (We are loving caging him so thanks for the great blog!)

You’re very welcome, it’s lots of fun to write! And that’s a great idea! Do check the ‘Scripts’ page which has lots of ideas in it. But I’ll see if I can come up with some specific posts with idea for you to pick from! Remember one of the best ways to do this is create a…