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Big Cocks VS Little Dicks

Big Cocks VS Little Dicks


I am not ready for you at all. I mean, we basically just started like 5 minutes ago. Calm the fuck down.

Recommended blog of the week! (I just made that up)

This tanyateases blog is fabulous. Just lots of sexy gifs with what the woman is saying as a caption. Most of these are REALLY good little snippets, great to read through and get inspired about sexy things to say to your man in bed!

Of course I’d add, ‘if you cum I’m going to ruin it!’

You talked about watching porn together while he’s caged. Love this idea! Looked at the x-art and didn’t like much of it tho, any other recommendations? Thanks!

Thanks, I love questions like this. I just looked at x-art too and you’re right, the stuff on their website doesn’t look nearly as nice as the older stuff hubby found for me. Youporn.com has a ‘female friendly’ category but just checked that and didn’t think it was great either. Why not start with tumblr, something…