Tag: orgasmdenial


The vibe is set on the slowest setting. It will take him hours before he cums. And then I’ll set it to the fastest and wait until he cums five or six more times.

Wait, won’t that hurt him?

I guess it will, but he kept begging me for permission to cum for months, I just don’t have the heart to lock him again after just one orgasm.

Oh, he’s so lucky to have you for his mistress.



The only “pussy” that a worthless cuck deserves!

On the edge already? Time to decide then: I can either stop and lock you back up or make you cum, but continue fucking you with your friend with benefits for another fifteen minutes.

This is so hot…

I imagine he’s fucked me, got me right to the edge but then he pulls out as he cums, so it sprays all over me. Me edged, him ruined. He rubs his cum into my skin – “Time to dress now darling, guests will be here in a few minutes” he whispers as he finishes rubbing his seed into my breasts.