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When Lucy told Brian she’d signed them up to a Pegging Classat the local college, Brian had guessed it was some kind of art technique.
He was happily surprised to find it wasn’t.

Her husband was so sure he’d win he’d already had the humiliation of having to put on a cock cage, to which Tyrone had the key. In his desperation to get it back he persuaded his wife to offer herself as the final bet.
It wasn’t the start to their honeymoon either of them had imagined.


“You’re a good girl, aren’t you, princess?”

She could just keep going like this until he begged her to stop. Then he was caged back up and returned the favour, but she, of course, was allowed to cum, and did with abandon!

Fiona struggled to not let her husband orgasm, so she enlisted the support of the Chastity Wives and Girlfriends group, swapping keys with one of the other women. They used the occasional times they got together as an opportunity to show off new tricks they’d learnt, before they took the keys away for another month, or two.

At least this month it wasn’t ‘Ruins practise’. It had been the last four visits.

Katie’s parents had insisted that if she and her boyfriend were alone in her room, he had to wear a chastity cage.
While he wasn’t too keen, Katie soon came to love the idea…

The two wives had got to know and trust each other as they shared the joy of caging and teasing their respective husbands. But they still both struggled with being too nice, letting them cum too often, and always regretting it when they did. 

So they devised a plan. The first to let her husband cum would have to wear a chastity belt for two weeks.

Guess who just lost…

Her husband thought it was very hot, until he saw the look in her eyes and she said to him, ‘You think I was mean when I got you licking me all the time? You just wait to see who ends worse off now I don’t even get that!’

This is so hot…

I imagine he’s fucked me, got me right to the edge but then he pulls out as he cums, so it sprays all over me. Me edged, him ruined. He rubs his cum into my skin – “Time to dress now darling, guests will be here in a few minutes” he whispers as he finishes rubbing his seed into my breasts.

Remember when you used to be allowed to do this, baby? You could cum in me whenever you wanted. All those years I took the pill just so you could fill me up with your cum.

But there’s just no point putting all those hormones in me now, is there darling. We have something much better. Nice little metal bars keeping you all safe and eliminating the risk of me getting pregnant. What a considerate husband you’ve become.

Isn’t it crazy though, maybe you’ll never cum in there again, not like you used to. I thought I’d miss it but now we have the big strap on, I really don’t. That’s what I like in me now, it never goes soft, it’s so much bigger, and no mess at the end that you leave me to clear up!

But don’t worry sweetheart, I’ve got another hole just the right size for your little cock, maybe I’ll still let you cum in there, on very, very special occasions.

I love you baby, I love you enough to not let you cum.
Aren’t I wonderful wife?
Tell me how much you love this, beg me not to let you, to keep all that hot cum in your balls. Whisper it to me baby…