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“Awww, honey, you came! You must be so disappointed in yourself for not being able to hold it in… Look, even your cock is weeping!”


“Achey, throbbing, denied cock. I love watching it twitch when it’s been on the edge for over 2 hours. I love watching your face when I deny your orgasms again and again. Just when you think I’m about to push you over, I stop at the last second each time, leaving your cock pulsating and your hips desperately thrusting in the air for some friction.”

Oh I like the use of the bondage tape there! Or just tying his hands above his head with some restraints makes it all so much hotter too!


“Honey, you always groan when I tease and edge you for 2 hours without letting you cum. But be honest: you love it, don’t you?”

Oh a porn star I actually know the name of! That must be like one of about four in total!
Sasha Grey (that’s probably not even spelt right).
But she’s definitely one of those few that are quite inspirational in how much they are at ease with their bodies and just enjoy what they do.

Well that’s what Locktober is for!

What’s fabulous about this journey of exploration is it’s often the guys who think they know what they want and who are interested in it. But once it really happens, and us keyholders figure out quite how powerful it is, the lessons really begin!