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So, even if you’ve promised him an orgasm. Even if you’ve played some game and he’s earned it, sometimes, just sometimes, turn the tables… always hottest if he’s tied up I find…

Get him really close, then tell him, don’t ask, tell him to ask not to cum. Maybe first say ‘beg me to ruin it’ watch the arousal and dismay, it’s so hot. Keep telling him, say you want to hear it, how hot it would be, make him say it, not nastily, but lovingly, persuasively, and when he say’s please ruin me, ask him to tell you why, why being ruined is better, really take him deep into it.

And then, as you take him even closer, once he’s already give up his orgasm and asked for a ruin… tell him to ask to be left like this, take away even that. ‘Good, now beg me not to let you cum at all, ask me to leave your balls full, your cock dripping, and cage you back up without release’.

Watch him fall apart, as he asks, as that part of him that wants exactly that is let out. It’s beautiful. Your little edge slut… Maybe give him one last long slow edge as what he gave up sinks in. But be strong, Stick to what he asked for!

And then do it. If you can, cage him back up yourself. Then make out, a lot, it’s so fucking hot!


Make him believe that his chastity is permanent.

Make him think he’ll never cum again.

Make him realize that you are in control.

This is a really interesting one… I tried this recently and it was super hot. When we got our most recent metal cage it’s by far the most secure one we’ve got. He could still pull himself out with some effort but it’d still be stuck around his balls so it’s as permanent as it’ll get at this stage.

So anyway, after we’d tried it out we started a longer lock up about a week ago, and I did a long session where I teased him while he was tied (the new one is a solid ring so he put that on, as it’s hard to do, but it’s very easy to actually put the cock part on and lock it, so more and more I do that as it’s very hot for him when I do.)

Increasingly I’m taking pages out of his playbook. Reusing the things I LOVE when he’s in control and domming me. In this case it was telling him what I wanted him to say, even though it wasn’t what he wanted.

I lay next to him and teased him right as he was at the edge, he was begging to be allowed to cum, and beyond, he was now asking to just be ruined, just to have some kind of release. I love it when he gets to that point!

Instead I whispered in his ear, ‘Tell me to lock you back up’.
He didn’t do it at first, so I stopped stroking him to make my point.

‘Tell me to lock you back up, and that you don’t want to cum

He did, and I felt his cock throbbing and amazingly it got even harder. I edged him again as a reward and after a few minutes…

‘Tell me this is how I should keep you, that this is better than cumming’

Again he did, and god it was so hot to hear him!

‘Tell me I should never let you cum, that I should click the lock shut, and never let you out again’

Again a pause, and he said it.

Then I let go over his cock, and gave him a kiss. And rolled back and scrolled through tumblr, as I waited for his cock to go back down. It took some time lol I shushed him when he said anything.

Then I straddled his legs, lubed his cock and quickly slid the cage part on, and I put the padlock through the hole, but didn’t shut it yet. 

And this was the most intense bit. I looked into his eyes, and said, ‘Tell me again, tell me you want me to lock up your little cock and never let it out again.’

And he did and I clicked it shut, and then leaned forward on him and kissed him so hard and told him how much I loved him. I was so turned on, it was incredible. Interestingly I didn’t want to cum, it was just this amazing arousal (I’m really a little denial slut too).

Now look, obviously I don’t want him in the cage permanently!, and neither does he. But it was an amazing mixture of fantasy and roleplay and reality. And I refused to discuss it, lol, I wouldn’t confirm I was just kidding. And just to really fuck with him the next night, I didn’t let him out, I just had him fuck me with the strap on without any release for him at all.

The next night I did let him out, and I swear, I’ve never seen him so grateful. But omg he’d been so horny just from the mindfuck I gave him, it was delightful. The fact I whispered ‘Of course I was only playing darling, we haven’t got you pierced yet’ nearly sent him over the edge, lol

So yes, I love this caption! Learn to mess with him, he’ll adore it, and I think you will too.