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Brunch – a photo study to kick off April. 


House training – Went a little crazy with the color again. Still trying to figure this stuff out!

This is a good one to make up a fantasy to tell each other – try it! I always find it easier with drawn erotica rather than photos.


Milkin’ Honey – yes, please!

Oh honey, that butt plug really did fill you up fast. Let’s empty them out.


“What have you got to blush about!?”

Another blushing bride… At least loosely based on @straightmaleanalerotic‘s suggestion from ages and eons ago.

She had kept the wedding dress out of tradition, but never really had a good use for it, until they discovered there was a new virginity to take…


“Screaming? Nawwwww… we haven’t heard anything!”

“Must have been the wind, howling in the trees then, huh.”



Heated Bus Ride

in which more people act in lascivious manner due to the summer heat.

‘You can sit on my husband’s lap, don’t worry, he’s caged,’ she nonchalantly told the young lady standing just by them, clearly exhausted by the heat.

‘Oh thank you,’ she said, nestling in. ‘I just got engaged, I was thinking of getting him caged too, do you recommend it?’

‘Oh absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Why don’t you come over sometime and teach you all about it and show you how it all works?’

‘You know I think I will, thank you. Oh, am I too heavy?’ she around concerned by the moan he let out.

‘Oh no don’t worry, he’s just trying to get hard now I’ve got him thinking about what that’ll involve. Good luck with that, sweetie,’ she said, kissing him on the cheek.


Tremit et ardet.  

Concalet, ac tremulo petit ignis acumine cœlum.

   P.C. Hooft (1581-1647) 

She shakes and stews

Trembling, the flame warms and licks towards heaven

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Art by milkformycoconut.

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