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This is true!

If you’re not adding a plug sometimes when he’s caged then you’re both missing out. Not only is it a really hot thing for you to tell him you want, but I find it acts like a horniness accelerator! His balls fill up more, he gets horny faster, it’s great.

It needs to be a plug that’s comfy for him to wear though. Most are awful designs. The ones we highly recommend are the Roll Play plugs that are silicon, a lovely shape that sits very subtle inside, but most of all feature a ball inside that moves around and reminds him it’s there (yes otherwise he can forget – although his constantly dripping cock is a pretty good reminder lol).

Also if you’re going to try pegging then him wearing it before makes it go a lot more easily.

Probably my favourite thing though is him being plugged, caged and then using the strap on on me, as the ball rolls around right against his prostate and drives him crazy while he fucks me – so hot.

(Lovehoney have a special offer of 2 plugs for £15 (or $20) on right now which includes all three sizes of these – bargain!)

Good thing he’s so good with his mouth… and then there’s the giant dildo and a strap on, that’s what’s really needed!


Don’t forget to say thank you or I’ll give you another one every hour for the next 12 hours

Another amazing video from Mark’s Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers!

Okay… not a photoshop!

Just wow…

Alice was glad her husband didn’t have a bigger penis, when they had anal sex anyway.


The vast majority of my releases in the past three months have from her singular focus on my magic spot. But I’ve felt her tongue on my frenum only twice since April, when she gave me my first two orgasms in chastity. Her sensuous lips and tongue hungrily devoured my tingling flesh which bulged through the bars of my cage. I would adore feeling her tongue on me while unconfined.

But I only get to feel her fingerprints sliding over my skin. She knows edging me is a treat for me. I’m a good boy, and am grateful for the mindless trance she gives me. I’ve surprised her by spilling over in chastity, pouring out while flaccid, and from the gentlest of rubbing. She pauses frequently to let me soar like a bird, circling on thermals. I hang on the edge and I let go completely.

She cherishes me. Today she told me how much she loves my succulent earlobes and tender nipples. I’m kept always wanting and dripping for her. She wants to keep me like this indefinitely.

Permanent orgasm control and masturbation denial is no longer in the future. It’s my present. I’ve not made a vow, but I’m no longer waiting. I live it daily. I don’t need a chastity device, I just need her expressions of joy to own such a sweet and gentle boy, who is easy to please and fun to play with. She teases me daily, and edges me when she’s feeling generous. Orgasms are never expected, and most are slow and gentle now.

I don’t call them ruined. Perhaps in the past I would have. I’m rarely 100% completely ruined. It’s not a binary thing. There’s a continuum.