Tag: caged-husband

So this is something we played with recently, putting the strap on him, not to have sex (although we ended up doing that lol) but all day long, I made him just wear it, and pretended it was his cock!

I sent him texts saying how lucky I was my hubby had such a big cock, and how I couldn’t wait to suck it later. It drove him so crazy, it was brilliant! And at bedtime yes I sucked it and then fucked it and all I’d do to his caged cock was reach down and tell him how full his balls felt, didn’t even refer to him being caged, just pretended the huge King Cock was his.

And then, I made him sleep with it, reaching over and grabbing it a few times too. Finally followed by using it in the morning too. He really couldn’t take much more at that point, so the strap on came off, but the cage didn’t heh heh

It’s hot to do things like this. Of course you don’t mean it, but you have fun saying it because it’s hot in the moment. Once you do it, make clear later on saying, ‘you know I make you say those things because it’s hot, in the end I’ll decide when you get out’ just to make it clear it’s playing.

So try it today, make him ask for something really extreme, just because it’s a hot fantasy.