Author: jane

grumpy2017: LOL that does explain some of the funny walks.Seriously though, with the whole ‘curse of Strictly’ thing if my hubby ever did that show his cock would be LOCKED UP TIGHT.I’d get to know his partner too, and tell her about it. Wouldn’t that be fun…



…Let’s get comfy…

I bring her breakfast in bed, on a tray, every morning we’re together at home. I missed it terribly when we were on travel last week. I look forward to being able to serve her again.

I crave it. She calls me a good boy. ☺️

Breakfast in bed for her,
Breakfast in bed for him!


God yes! Such sweet, sweet, aching denial when you really think that this is the time!


teasememylove: This happened to me over the Holiday. After getting on my hands and knees to give her an orgasm I asked if I could be unlocked. She replied “no. I didn’t even bring my key this trip”. So this is situations where you can lie to tease too. I literally got permission from hubby…

She just hadn’t believed how much the benefits of male chastity had improved their relationship. But when she discovered the reality, she told ALL her friends.

She’d found it hard to have the strength of will to keep him caged, and only edge him – but at her best friend’s suggestion a Whatsapp group keeping them all updated on his denial gave her the encouragement she needed.

And of course as her friends began to try it it turned into quite the hotbed of ideas, teases and shared satisfaction – between the women anyway.

Every Friday night they’d have a group ‘eat out’ – no, not dinner together. As many as could, chatting on Whatsapp, while their denied partners went down on them. Those chats sparked a lot of new ideas.

One of them was that as the couple who’d started it all, they should set an example, and it was decided that he wouldn’t have an orgasm, for an entire year.

What’s more, the new openness between them all meant she invited them all along for occasion. He only found out once he was tied up of course.

What an evening it turned out to be. They’d all brought drinks and desserts and having all become skilled masturbatrix over the year, they had no trouble teasing him and keeping him hard the entire evening.

Finally, tipsy and aroused, they all gathered around to watch the climax. As she stroked him closer than he’d been all year they discussed how long his next lock up should be. 

What no one mentioned, but had been decided long in advance, was the fact his one orgasm was about to be ruined. He should have guessed by the look on all their faces.