Your blog is the best, my wife is decided to lock me just by watching your wonderful posts, now I would be very happy if you could help us because I’m average size but uncut and we read that cb series can “bite” and be painful to the uncut skin, so what would be your advice for our first belt. Thanks

Hi thanks so much for the lovely feedback! Hubby is circumsized so I’m not an expert, but I can’t see how the CB6000 cock cages would be a problem for uncut vs cut penises, they will both have the same downside that after a few days they need serious cleaning.

The benefit of the plastic CB series ones is they have all the 25 different sizing options in the box so you can get used to it and slowly get them tighter till you find what works for you. Also as a woman I love how squashed up it looks and how he just can’t get at it at all. When he’s really turned on it gets all lubed with his precum and is so hot.

But for longer term you want a metal one, so check out our reviews page and see what you like!

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