In the morning make sure you show him how much you appreciate him wearing your panties all night. Give his little guy a few minutes of attention and then get ready for work. Make sure he knows that you promised he will cum, but you want to save it for tonight and he better be on his best behavior. If he does even One thing to upset you, you will push back his release another day. Tell him that you have a big surprise for him tonight.

Tonight is a really special day. You will be more close to him after tonight than ever before. Don’t tell him, but tonight he will share with you his deepest secret. The secret he has probably never told anyone in his entire life and probably lied about to anyone who asked (even you). Tonight you will find out just how big (or should I say small) his penis is. Now you may think this is not important but for a guy it’s the most sacred thing in the world. They are made to believe that penis size is the most important thing since he was a little kid. So tonight, like most nights, you will start by tying him to the bed. Tease him, get him rock hard and tell him you have a surprise for him. Have him remind you about his answers from yesterday’s game (what his size was and what he thought was average). Then take out a tape measure or ruler and measure his dick. Explain to him you did your own research and realized he was lying. Whatever he is, tell him average is at least a little bigger. Also, tell him you are “used to more.” Let that sink in for him a little…. Used to more, how? From previous lovers or from the internet? Doesn’t matter… All that matters is you are “used to more” and he doesn’t measure up.

Let him know that you knew something was up when you saw how well your panties fit him. Say things like"a real dick would never be able to fit in my panties" or “your little guy just looked so cute and tiny in my girl panties”. If his size is even a millimeter off from what he told you it was, as a punishment for lying, he will not be allowed to cum tonight. He needs to learn to be more truthful and open. Besides"only big dicks should be allowed to cum tonight!“

Tonight you will come up with a nickname for his little guy. From now on call his little guy by his nickname. Even if your man is hung like a horse you will still call it small. One, this will make him want to prove to you that his package is perfect which means orgasms after orgasms for you. He will try extra hard to impress you (yay!). Two, continue to shift the power to your side. Fastest way to get your man to submit to your dominance is having him think you can do bigger and better. Sample names: little guy, dicklet, wee wee, pee pee or my favorite…Tiny.

Tonight you will watch porn together and all you want to focus on is how big the guys are. How the girls can’t wrap their entire hand around the man, need two hands, can’t even wrap their mouth around the whole thing. Reassure him that you still love his tiny man but for lying he is not getting to cum tonight.

As always, tonight is all about you. Whatever you want you get. Make him sleep either naked or in your panties again so you can hold his little guy when he sleeps (trust me, he won’t be getting much sleep tonight). As a matter of fact, start telling him to sleep in your panties or thongs more often. His cute little package would feel better in girl panties. Only real men should wear man briefs.

So again, we’re not really into the panties things but some guys SO are so if you fancy trying it, find out, otherwise adapt, you’ll know what should work for you!

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