“What should I make you do?”

This is the question I’ve been using lots recently. As readers of the blog know, I’m mostly submissive but love the effect of caging my husband’s cock on our marriage and sex life.

So this question is one of the ways I handle that. I know he finds it hot when I make decisions about his caging, but sometimes I’m not in the mood or don’t know what to do. That’s when this question is so useful. I’ll edge him, or make sure he’s super horny in his cage before I do of course. But yeah mostly it’s whispered in his ear just as I keep him on the edge. That makes it easiest for him to be honest and it’s very sexy him admitting he shouldn’t be allowed to cum or whatever it is he’s wanting. 

Not that I always take his advice… Sometimes it’s just hot to hear what he wants and then do what I want anyway! Lol

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