what is it that turns you on in this life style? does he have a small penis?

Are these two questions related?

What turns me on is how excited and attentive it makes my husband. I am learning to love keeping him so horny and denying him.

I’m loving how much oral sex I get, on demand, without any guilt.

I love being sexy with him, I’m now excited to look at tumblr and erotic stuff together with him, whereas before it used to be a threat, now it’s turning us BOTH on.

And no, he doesn’t have a small penis, but penis size teasing is a huge turn on for both of us, much to my surprise. 

But yes, amazingly big cocks are now an actual turn on for me, and I like looking at them while I stroke him, whispering how I bet he wishes he was that big, and wondering how it would feel. And then I make him say he wishes he was bigger too, and tell him how if he was that big I wouldn’t ever cage him or deny him (I totally would though lol) and then ask him if a cock the size of his deserves to cum? Obviously, it doesn’t…

Here’s a couple I found recently:


This is one guy with a big cock cumming lots – hot to watch with hubby when he’s denied! – http://xhamster.com/movies/2046934/huge_cock_cumshot_compilation.html

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