We’re a big fan of your blog! Last weekend, we decided to reenact one of your videos as a celebration of my boys first full night caged. The one where he’s eating her out while relaxing with some wine. OMFG, i couldn’t hold the wine I came so hard! Afterwards I slapped some cuffs on him and we had the most amazing sex. Thanks Jane! Love Daisy

Oh Daisy, thank you! It’s feedback like this that makes the blog worth doing, I’m so pleased!!!

Do let us know how you get on and if you want any specific advice or ideas just message me. Also always happy for other ‘keyholder’ wives or girlfriends to email me (no guys though please) at keephimcaged@gmail.com.

A friend I’ve made through this blog and I are collaborating on some games at the moment and it’s so much fun to have the ideas and encouragement of others – together we’re better (and meaner lol).

Jane xxx

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