We just got a cage and are loving it, thank you for the inspiration! How often should I be letting him out and teasing him do you think?

Good question! I’m so glad you’re having fun with all this, it’s fab isn’t it.

So firstly the more we do this the more I’m trying teasing WITHOUT letting him out, so do try that too! That’s mostly things like secretly grabbing his cage during the day, or sliding up behind him and rubbing his nipples, which drives him wild. Bascially I think to myself ‘how can I get him hard in the cage?’

So it’s other stuff too, sending him hot pictures or captions from Tumblr with little comments like ‘I bet you wish I’d do that to you, shame you’re in a cage’. Recently I even send him hot cock pictures and tease him with things like ‘guess what I want tonight…’ letting him know he’ll use our King Cock dildo. I sent him one this week with just ‘I wish your cock was this big’ and he told me it was one of the hottest things I’ve sent all year! lol

Then of course there’s teasing about how horny he is, the ones he likes most are me telling him I love him being caged, so stuff like, ‘Knowing you’re caged turns me on so much;, ‘I’m wet thinking about your little caged cock’, or teases ‘I hope you don’t think you’re getting out of that cage tonight, I have plans for your tongue’.

Then there’s the teases in bed together, which are most important I think. So if he stirs in the morning it’s almost always now because he’s trying to get hard in his cage, and omg that feels so sexy, so I always cuddle up to him and play gently with his bulging cage, and also rub and lick his nipples sometimes to make it even worse. A recent thing, because he challenged me to try it, is then, if it’s getting me horny and it often does, I whisper in his ear, ‘Go down on me’.

Let me just say, omg having your hubby lick you to orgasm is the BEST way to start the day! Sometimes I’ll uncage him and return the favour (with only an edge of course) before I then go shower and tell him I want it back on before I’m back. What’s fun about that is yes he can play BUT he has to get soft before he can put it back on so he can’t do it for long, which is sexy.

Then at night, well I used to uncage him for edging almost every night, and I still do the majority of the time, but we’ve been exploring ways to stimulate him like using a masturbater on the cage (only works if metal cages with bars to suit) or licking/rubbing his frenulum through the bars – now we have such a good fitting cage I’m just enjoying keeping him in it more I guess.

And then there’s just the spooning, wrapped around him, fingers playing with nipples and his caged cock, it used to be he’d be pressed into me mostly after sex, but at the moment I’m liking it the other way around.

So yes, I hope there’s some ideas for you there. Denial without the tease is pretty boring so make sure you’re taking every opportunity to keep him horny and he’ll love you all the more for it!

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