Wait, did you honestly told a friend about your husband’s predicament on your own? Jesus, unless this is something you discussed with your husband beforehand, that is an inexcusable breach of trust. Way to be the stereotypical gossiping woman who cant keep private things private. If my wife did that to me it would come pretty close to being a divorceable offense. Absolutely unacceptable.

Holy shit, where do you get off judging me and jumping to assumptions? Of course we discussed in advance you arrogant prick. 

It took a LOT of guts to work up to talking about it with her. 

Really, could you come across as more of an asshole? It sounds like your wife should look for ‘divorcable offences’ as soon as possible.

I’m glad you think it’s unacceptable though as I won’t have any qualms about blocking you from reading the blog. Yeah, you can get blocked even though you’re anonymous.


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