Understanding tease and denial for couples (Beginner guide and explanation for women with pictures)


This could be a good descriptive of what
tease and denial is or might be in a real life couple. This is a small guide
that will explain how tease and denial could be played as a game in a couple
which is NOT in a sub/dom relationship. I think this guide help a girl to
understand why he want to play this game. Anyway trying it doesn’t hurt… you
try you like you keep going! You try, you hate you stop!

First – Tease and denial is about having sex without the release of the
orgasm for the male. It can involve any sexual practice that you like. Why some
male wont to play this game? It’s about the sexual power exchange and to leave
in an orgasmic state for a while. He is seeking to feel the moment when he is
about to cum in a sexual relationship to continue for a long time. Of course,
he love orgasm… but he crave for the denial and this orgasmic state he could be
living in.

Let’s start with what a tease and denial session COULD look like. But what
it will be in reality is up to you!

If you want to do him a blowjob… go ahead and do it! He will enjoy it, of
course. The only difference between a blowjob in this context and a blowjob in
normal sex, it’s just to be attentive to his body and don’t make him cum.

After his
blowjob (2minutes,10minutes,25minutes? It’s up to you) he will be VERY horny
and eager to please you. You will probably be wet and horny to see him in that
state… maybe it’s time for him to please you.


After his blowjob
(2minutes,10minutes,25minutes? It’s up to you) he will be VERY horny and eager
to please you. You will probably be wet and horny to see him in that state…
maybe it’s time for him to please you.


After you had
your pleasure, maybe you had enough sex for tonight… but at this moment he is
still horny and probably want more! But you have to remember one thing, tease
and denial is his idea and if you make him cum after that, it will just be
regular sex… you will not see the benefit of it! Maybe it’s the moment to tell
him to wait for later, to embrace this feeling. A little cuddle might be a good
idea at this moment (To thank him and to help him to relax).


You might
already see a benefit of tease and denial. He haven’t cum and he is not sleepy.
He will be very comfortable in your arm and he will be loving you more than
ever. The exchange power of this game is very powerful!

 Second – The
first night passed and he was probably horny and thinking about you a long part
of it! Now it’s time to keep on with real life. Tease and denial is not just
about sex… maybe you have to go to work and you will not have time to enjoy sex
at all today. That’s not the point, tease and denial doesn’t mean teasing him
everyday and living in a sex dynamic at all time! But you can be sure of one
thing, he will think about you, about what happen yesterday and about what
MIGHT happen later. One thing is certain, every sexual allusion, every cuddle,
every kiss will make him think about you!

Third – The release. Of course, you should make him
cum at some point! You are just beginning with this game, it’s not time to try
to beat a world record! Make him cum when you think it’s time for him to cum,
when you feel he need a release. Maybe after a few teasing session or a few
days, it will be time for him to have an orgasm. He will enjoy it, and you will
enjoy seeing him so receptive to all the pleasure you are giving him!


Fourth – After the first orgasm of this game, it might
be time to talk about your experience. What you liked, what you didn’t liked,
what you would like to try, how long you think he could wait next time… it’s
all about discussion and pleasure. Maybe you could discuss some basic rules
like : Always tell when you are about to cum, a no orgasm is a no… don’t
let him beg for too long, self control (don’t cheat and cum alone).

Here are some
ideas to try at least once… if you like keep going, if not try something else!

The ruined orgasm – It’s pretty simple. It’s the action to stop
all stimulation right after the point of no return (the moment cum will spurt
whatever you might do). It will make him cum, but he will not have any pleasure
while doing it (if it’s well done). Why doing it? Because tease and denial is
about exchange of power and some sexual frustration. After a ruined orgasm, he
will feel release for a few hours… but his excitation level will grow much more
faster than after a full orgasm. He will probably have a love/hate relationship
with it. For you, a ruined orgasm will help to feel all the sexual power you
have and will show him that you can give him as much/as less pleasure as you
want to.


No sexual stimulation – This is very frustrating and pleasurable
at the same time for him. There are so many options to tease him without
touching his sex… maybe you would never have done any of those options if you
weren’t playing tease and denial. But with it, you will feel beautiful, loved
and you will be more comfortable with your body because you know how he
appreciate it in his horny eyes! Here are a few examples of what you could do:
Striptease,masturbate in front of him, dirty talking(telling him everything you
would do to him),wear lingerie… you must find way to tease him without touching
his sex!


Let him please you – Usually, when you have sex the end is
always his orgasm. With tease and denial, it doesn’t have to be that way. If
you want to tease him, go ahead and do it, but it will not end with his orgasm!
You could play with his sex because you like it, but learn to enjoy your
pleasure! If you want a cunnilingus, just ask he will be pleased to do it! You
want him to masturbate you, that’s fine. If you want to have real sex, you have
to remember one thing: If he haven’t cum for in while, it might be difficult
for him to keep the control during sex… so go slowly and be attentive to his
body reaction. If he need a break, give him a break. A good way to enjoy
penetration and tease him could be to be on top and don’t move for a while.
During that time you could play with your self, it will please you and it will
drive him insane! One of the utility of ruined orgasm could be to give him some
release before having penetrative sex, this way he will last longer and it will
be easier to please you without cumming (or at least cumming too fast).


You are in control – Remember that you are in control of this
game, but you are also in a couple so discussion must be a part of this game!
If he think that his denial period are too long, listen to him, talk about it
and give him your opinion. If you think ruined orgasm are lame and you don’t
like it, ask him if he like it and why… if he does maybe this is something you
could do to please him from time to time… you could also decide this is not for
you and it’s perfectly fine. But remember, tease and denial is his idea and in
this game the girl is always in control sexually so he could give you as much
suggestion as he want to, but it’s up to you to do it or not! Don’t let him
take the control of this game and do whatever he want to, even if you don’t
like it. It’s a game about sexual power, use it to have as much fun as you can…
and remember, if you are having fun, he will have fun! Of course, he could hate
some ideas and refuse to do them, it’s ok and you should also respect that.

Chastity devices – Personally, it’s not my thing, I’m not
wearing one and I will never wear one (it would be impossible with my work, and
I have no interest in it). But if it’s your thing go ahead and try it. In my
opinion, if he want to play this game seriously, he should have enough self
control not to make himself cum without your permission… chastity device or
not. If you don’t want him to wear a chastity device, you could simply tell him
that you will stop playing if you learn that he is pleasuring himself alone…

The wait – Tease and denial don’t have any real rules
beside do what fit the most to your lifestyle. If he learn one thing with that
game it will be to wait for his pleasure. After a few days without cumming, he
will probably want sex everyday and he will want you. Maybe you will be tired
and you will not want to have sex someday… he will have to learn to wait and
respect your decision. You are having as much orgasm as you want to, he don’t
so it’s normal for him to want more and more… this is what this game is all
about. You could add a simple rule, if he ask for something and you say
no : He is not allowed to ask again before 1hour… or the rest of the day!

The release – You are a loving
couple (I hope) and you both want to please each other. Maybe you enjoy his
orgasms as much as he does enjoy his(ok maybe not!). So from time to time make
him cum and enjoy his pleasure, don’t do like in some kinky stuff you see all
over the web and make him cum while reading a book or humiliate him… enjoy his
pleasure and the sexual power you have over him will be even more pleasurable
for both of you. The release time is really up to you, at first you should
start slowly like he cum every 2 sessions or after each very long session. But
the more you play, the more you will see what waiting time is the best for you. There is really no
limits beside what you are willing to do! If you think once a week, once every
2weeks or once a month is the best time for you, do that! Also it doesn’t have
to be strict… if after 2days you decide you want to see him cum, make him cum!
But if after 2weeks you want to test his limits and wait a few more days, it’s
also your choice. The only important part is to enjoy this game!

Extra long teasing session – I think from time to time a long tease
and denial session is something that you will both enjoy. There is not really a
good duration, but you must make sure he is begging for release at the end of
it. Making him cum, ruining is orgasm or deny it is really up to you, but at
least try once to deny him after a long session to see and feel his reaction.
It’s a very powerful feeling for both of you. Bring him to the edge of orgasm
several times, give him break while you are masturbating or he is eating your
pussy, talk dirty to him, tie him… do whatever you want but make sure he can’t
take it anymore by the end of it. For me, it’s the best part of this game and
you really feel good while she’s doing it and after it (Ok maybe not right
after it… but when you regain your senses!)



Extra rules – Adding temporary rules can also be
something fun. For example tell him he is not allowed to touch your boobs and
sex for 3days and tease him using this to make sure the only thing he can think
about is : Fuck I want to touch her! Here’s a list of a few rules you can
add from time to time : Must be blindfolded when she is naked, he is not
allowed to touch his sex, he must beg for denial everytime he is teased…

Reverse the roles – Maybe from time to time you want to
reverse the role and try to feel what he is feeling. Maybe a good tease and
denial session might be good for you also! This way you could know what it is
to be very horny and live in this orgasmic state for a while.

What you have to
remember about tease and denial is to do what you want to do and enjoy it. The
most important part to remember for a girl beginning with this game is not to
feel bad about denying him. This is what he want, this is what he crave. You
are not denying his pleasure, you are only giving him the opportunity to have
his orgasm later and to enjoy his sexual arousal for a longer time. After a
while playing this game, you will probably enjoy denying him and seeing his
reaction. This is a power exchange and this is what you both want. Remember
that you are not really the one denying him the release, if he want to orgasm…
he will do it and he will stop playing this game! If he don’t cum, it’s because
he enjoy it and he want to play this game… so try to never feel bad about
denying him! At first, if you can’t control the fact that denying him make you
feel bad, you can let the chance decide if he will cum or not. For example
throw a dice and if it’s 1-2-3 he will be denied,4-5-6 he cum… or if you want to
make it harder 1-2-3-4-5denial and 6 orgams… it’s really up to you. I have
plenty of games ideas in my game section if it’s your thing!

Thanks to teasingfun

Some lovely ideas here!

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