This whole thing is so fascinating! A long-time friend of mine asked me to hold his keys. After he explained it all I was like,”Um, what? No way!” I felt bad so I changed my mind and I asked him how long. He said, “as long as you want.” I was so confused. I’ve been researching it to understand how to do it right. It’s crazy but I’m starting to see the fun side. I see little changes in him the longer I keep him locked up. After only 3 or 4 days he just does whatever I say. #BigResponsibility

Big responsibility indeed! He was very brave to ask, I can’t even imagine how much time he must have taken working up to that! Well done for reviewing your initial reaction (it’s VERY common, trust me).

Feel free to message me if you want any specific advice! I’m sure the blog will give you lots of ideas though.

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