This is so true! It’s the weirdest thing, he gets so turned on by the idea, he also gets turned on being reminded about it later! But once he’s cum he’s far less enthusiastic. But at some deep level it’s really hot. All those years of me swallowing him, reversed.

But I still struggle with it too. I have to remind myself that while he doesn’t think it’s hot RIGHT now, he will, and he’ll love I made him do it when he’s caged back up and horny (especially effective if he was only allowed to ruin it)

It’s much easier for me if i haven’t cum yet, but am just on the edge, then I care less about him and just want to feel him make me cum with his mouth. The fact it’s all messy down there is a non issue.

But honestly, the main way I justify it, is I truly like the fact he cleans up the mess!

God I love denial and tease!

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