This can actually be a good technique, especially if he couldn’t wear it for work, or just you want a bit of variety.
But it’s best if you, as often as you can, make the locking up a bit of a ‘performance’.
For example, jingle the keys and he knows to follow you to the bedroom where he sits, with pants and trousers down.
Then get down between his legs like you were going to give him a blow job… I love how it’s the same position, but instead we’re locking him up.
Sometimes I’d decide he needs ‘some lube’ and rub that in all over him, maybe even lick the tip and suck it a bit. Of course he gets hard, so then I just say ‘don’t move’ and go away and leave him like that. Oh yes, put the ring on BEFORE you do that, makes it easier even if he hasn’t fully softened. Then when he’s soft enough, cage on!
Sure on busy days he can go do it but this is a real ‘touch point’ if you can do something like that yourselves.

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