Bottom to top. Slowly, I drag it out. I feel his cock harden while it strains under my touch. My soft warm tongue runs up his length, and then I stall a little more. His body instinctively moves towards my lips in need.

I start all over from the bottom again. I make a slow trail to the top with my tongue and finally my tongue circles the head. A moan escapes his lips as he feels that amazing sensation that causes shivers to run down his spine. That sensation that makes him want more. Makes him want ME.

As he is relishing in the moment of pure bliss, I deep throat him completely, taking him by complete surprise. His eyes widen in shock and the head of his cock is firmly down my throat. Life is meant to be full of surprises, like this one…

Oh honey I’d love to do this to you right now.
Shame you’re locked up…

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