These are a few of my favourite things

There’s a few things I like about this. The black gloves are pretty hot (we got some of those recently and they really do add to the feeling of being in control…)

Add some good silicone lube and it’s a LOT of fun. The whole milking downwards movement is weirdly satisfying to do. It’s hard to explain but for some reason stroking down just like this is my favourite direction to do it. Each time you can feel his full balls bounce on your hand so that’s part of it. But yes, there’s somehow a real feeling you’re doing it ready to empty him, and that downward movement feels appropriate. Of course in most cases we stop before that happens, don’t we!

I’ve grown to enjoy hubby in this position too. I didn’t like it at first but if you do like in this picture and sit around the side it’s a really good position to do this kind of milking masturbation from. And when he’s on all fours like this you see every tremble you make him feel, and a cock ring on him like in this picture keeps him nice and hard.

Then the fact he’s in this position does make it very easy to stick something in his bottom if you want to do both (he wants you to, trust me). Like in the picture, just a dildo is great (put a condom on it for easy cleaning). And just little twists and thrusts with it about four inches in him will drive him WILD.

Doing both at the same time is a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time… only with his muffled groans of pleasure…lol

Oh and the other thing I like about this position… I put on the TV at the same time! Yep! Sometimes I put on porn, as me being able to see it and him not drives him crazy. But if I fancy doing it for a while I’ll put on a show I like and just get into watching as I edge him, it’s brilliant.

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