The Tease or Torment Wheel

So one of our Locktober tasks was to go through your toy collection and make use of ones you haven’t used much. 

Hubby came up with a game that makes use of that which we are planning to do this weekend, and I thought you guys would like to see it too!

The Tease or Torment Wheel

Of course your toys would vary, but this is really easy to change, just go down the page and adjust the options to what you do or don’t own, or do or don’t want to do, and apply the changes!

We’ve set it up so they alternate, tease (white) and torment (red). Some of the teases are for him, some are rewards for me, but you can change it however you want.

Rules and tips:

It’s a pretty loose game to be honest, just sometimes it’s fun to put the element of chance in, but there are a few key things to the way we’ll play it.

First he will be tied up, tight. Then he’ll be uncaged and have a cock ring put on to keep him nice and hard. The toys required he’ll have got out and made sure are clean and ready. As should he be, this involves various anal options!

This game should have safewords, as it does involve torture. We use ‘Red’ for stop and ‘Amber’ for ‘Don’t stop but I’m close to what I can stand’.

I might just leave him like that for a little bit, put on some porn in the background and spin the wheel a few times to read out options and talk them through to tease him. Play with the toys, imagining what I might do with them.

Then I’ll spin for real and follow the instructions, but really be as flexible as I fancy. We put some guides on strokes or time on some of them but vary it as you want. You can hit the button a few times to keep it spinning for longer if you want. It should work fine on a tablet or phone so you can show him as it spins.

There are a few insertions, butt plug, penis plug, nipple clamps. Basically decide if you want to leave them in place or take them off as it progresses. Some will need you too, others won’t. Just use common sense.

‘Band snaps’ are an elastic band around his cock that’s pulled back and let go.

For sitting on his cock you can either have him in you or just grind on him. For face sitting I like to blindfold him but it’s up to you.

There’s no defined finish to the game – You stop when you’re bored! He doesn’t get to cum in this game, If anything did take him over, you ruin the orgasm. Personally I’d tell him if he cums, it’ll be ruined AND I’ll give him a hard post orgasm torture (might as well enjoy the fact he’s all tied up) by using his cum to wank him hard while he’s all sensitive.

Hmm, actually now I think about it, that’s a perfect end to the game. Once you want to finish, spin the disk, don’t let him see the result, just say something like ‘ oh lucky you!’ as though he won an orgasm…

Then sit on his legs, start stroking him, when he gets close, tell him he isn’t allowed to cum, that if he does you’re going to ruin it and torture it. Then just keep going, and make him cum anyway! Make sure to ruin it properly, just hold the base as he cums, wait at least ten seconds after it’s all out, and then use his cum to stroke his cock and cock head especially really really hard. Don’t stop unless he uses a safeword, seriously, just go for it, see if you can get all the way past him being sensitive, you can even make him cum again sometimes. Ruin that too.

Untie, clean up and cuddle!


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