The Party

At the monthly KeepHimCaged Keyholder’s Party the husbands were finally unlocked after a minimum of four weeks tease and denial without cumming.

Their cocks were then pushed through a hole in the wall and they were strapped in, helpless.

The idea had originally been a game where each keyholder had to identify her husband’s penis and then tease him

But as the music and drink took effect it wasn’t long before the women’s fascination led them to play, touch, and tease any cock that took their fancy.

The wall was thin, the men could hear every word as their aching penises and swollen balls were inspected, manhandled, edged and joked about.

‘Is that seriously as big as it gets?’

‘Oh my god I wish this were my husband’s’

‘Look at this one, it’s so little, no wonder she locks it up’

‘Aww look, this one is weeping!’

Only one would be allowed to cum. They’d vote and decide, while the others were just edged or ruined if they accidentally went over the winner was stroked and sucked to a wonderful climax. The rest were locked up until next time.

Of course, it was always the biggest cock that won.

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