The Gloryhole Dare

I saw these on @anythinggetsmegoing blog and wanted to add some hot captions (with hubby’s help figuring out how to do it).

You think it’s his, are you sure?
Yeah, almost definitely. I can’t believe he actually did it! Even though we did our dare and got naked.

This is so weird, I’m seeing your husband’s cock! This is going to sear itself into my mind forever you know! Why are you laughing?
I’m laughing because it really doesn’t look very big by itself like that does it. I hope he doesn’t think I’m going to suck it in front of you.
I wouldn’t mind… it’d be quite hot.
No way! Dare done, time to get dressed. You are so bad!

Can I, touch it?
Ha, sure. I’m a bit disappointed he isn’t hard to be honest. I thought his wife and her best friend naked in a place like this would get him huge!
Aww, he’s probably just nervous. Look how bouncy he is, it’s so cute!
Oh well, let’s get dressed and get out of here…

Oh my GOD, what is… 
There’s another hole!!! God look how big it is! Is that like, normal for black cocks?

Now that’s hard. Hey, cock, nod if you want some attention! Oh wow, look at that. Your hubby’s barely flinched!
Do you think they’re like, in the same room next door. We do have another half hour paid for… we could, stay?

This is so naughty! But he’s right there, he’d pull out if he wanted it to stop, right?
So…you told me you wondered what a big cock feels like… Hold them both, you only get to pick one!
Oh well THAT is an easy choice… but what shall we do with hubby’s? Do, you want to… you know?
God no, I have a much better use for it! Take your panties back off…

This is so mean, and genius! I’m so glad you’re here with me! Are you going to… you know…
Suck the biggest cock I’ve ever seen with you? Hell yes!

We’ve got 25 minutes left, I guess we should make the most of it!

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