The Flip Over

So here’s something super hot hubby introduce me to that you really should try.

One of the big big BIG bonuses of this whole chastity thing is the amount of oral sex we get, right? (If you’re ever hesitant about that just think to yourself, ‘would he ever not let me go down and suck him off – nope!).

So, it’s very easy to just lie back and enjoy, and that’s what I do most of the time. Although hubby’s a complete tease and loves to keep me on the edge till i’m going crazy. 

Now when I am that close and turned on, something happens. My sexual inhibitions completely disappear. One of the things I find I crave in that frame of mind, is having my bum licked by him (yes I’m freshly showered and it’s sparkly clean!).

He knows this, so recently when I was in that state of mind he made me experience it by saying ‘Flip over’ and the above pic is exactly how we ended up, even the grabbing his hair and pulling him into me. SO HOT!

We’ve done it a few times since. He’s told me to, and I’ve just done it as well. I’ve cum in that position a couple of them (one time he rubbed me, the other time I vibed myself) and another time I rolled back over for him to finish me off.

In all cases, we both LOVED it. So yeah, maybe you will too!

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