Thanks for your work!

I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into this blog! My wife and I check it nightly! You have given us a ton of information and ideas. We have been playing with chastity for a couple of months.In that time we have become much closer. SO THANK YOU for putting out realistic information.

Since we have started I have been having vivid sex dreams and my wife is so good at teasing that I actually cum, not in the sense of an orgasam but none the less I am cumming with out being touched. Between the dreams and my wife… just a thought or a touch or my wife saying something sexy sets me off. Is this normal? We have been married 31 years and this is the first time this has happened in our marrage. We also thought cumming was not easy in a cage?! Are we doing something wrong?

You’re so welcome! Thank you for such lovely feedback.

Well, firstly it’s kinda hot you are that turned on, I’m not an expert on premature ejaculation but that is what you’re having. Cage or not, if you getting excited enough can make you cum.

I suspect you’ll probably find it eases off as you get more used to all the teasing but personally rather than worrying about it I’d make a game of it if I were her. I’d TRY to make you do it, the right words, playing with your nipples, anywhere but your cock. But I’d be telling you you’re not allowed to cum, and that if you did, I’d catch it in a shot glass and make you drink it. I’m sure you’ll soon learn to hold it in 😉

Hope that helps!

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