Thanks for your hard work here. My wife & I started with a cb6ks last year (bad fit) and have moved on to cheap Chinese cages (better). I am at 5 wks today & she’s going to continue thru Locktober. I’ve never gone more than 4 weeks before this. She’s not into the tease part, so it can be tough at times. Any advice on helping her give that a try?

Oh that is tricky as I do think teasing is a big part of it, although having said that I’ve never locked hubby up for that long without it, maybe something magical happens?

It’s hard to give good advice without knowing more about your situation – whether she is into caging you but not teasing, or just lets you do chastity to stop being an annoyance, for example.

All I can really say is the more she puts into it the more she will get out. The greater intimacy is probably the biggest motivation to start with. Maybe she could read this blog and see if doing more appeals to her – there’s the ‘safe’ tag if you want to remove the more edgy captions and content too (although damn I’ve forgot to put those on locktober stuff…).

After some encouragement I’m starting a little book on all this so when that’s out it might be a useful resource…

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