Thanks for the wonderful blog, my husband and I are really hving fun exploring all this. My question is though that I’m struggling when I edge him that I give in too easily and make him cum and tho he likes that at the time I guess both of us wish I hadn’t – any tips for beign stronger? Thxs, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

I know, this is a continual struggle for me too. I think it’s a case of just knowing that cumming is good, but him not cumming is even hotter, for both of you, and that’s what he really wants. You just have to be strong for two minutes, those two minutes where he’d love more than anything to cum, because after that he’ll be grateful that you didn’t.

Another good tip is get ‘warmed up’ by him playing and licking you, but don’t cum – then you edge him, and finish, ideally even lock him up before he finishes you off. For me anyway that makes me enjoy being ‘meaner’ much more, and that gets increasingly hot – making it easier as you go. I really get off on ruining and denying him now so much more than I ever did when we started this. He should be careful what he wishes for lol

So, just think to yourself, ‘cumming is good, but not cumming is better’ and decide you just have to get through those two minutes and it’ll be really hot.

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