Thanks again for all of your advice. This blog is getting better and better. Anyway, enough of the gushing ;-) I noticed you are preparing an area for sex toy recommendations. I want to buy my Wife a wand massager as I think she will have more luck with one of those than a ‘normal’ penetrative vibrator. Do you have any advice on which one is best to get but also, more importantly, how to actually use one? She doesn’t really masturbate although her new relaxed attitude is making moves that way.

Well noticed! We have the Lovehoney own brand Magic Wand now, it’s much, much better than the classic Hitachi Magic Wand which we used to have as that one only has two power settings, High and Meltdown! Really, it’s crazy.

I double checked and if you’re in the US then you need to get a different one, which comes with the US plug called the Doxy.

This link should take you to the right one

So yes, the Lovehoney own brand one has a variable speed dial (the doxy has buttons but is still variable) which is absolutely what you need – we hardly ever get past half way!

You have to be a bit careful with it as it’s so powerful it can quickly numb you, so start slow, and keep it moving, just a bit.

Never run out of batteries

One of the huge advantages of it is the fact it’s mains powered. We mostly have rechargeable toys nowadays but even then there are times when they run out. So firstly the fact it’s mains powered means it’s always ready to go.

More than powerful enough

The second advantage of it being mains powered is as I’ve said, it’s strong enough to get an orgasm out of a stone. Not does this sometimes just hit the spot if I’m struggling a bit, but if I’m in a hurry, I can ramp it right up and cum within about a minute!

Useful for chastity play

So it’s also one of my favourites to use when he’s locked in his cock cage, you know the one where you deliberately use a vibe in front of him… because it’s just so obvious and big.

But the other use for chastity play is to press it against his cage as a way to stimulate him without even removing it. Or for us, what’s much more effective is to press it against the base of a butt plug that is in him. Definitely the easiest way to achieve the whole prostate orgasm, again, you can do it while he’s caged for a real mind fuck.

But wait, there’s more!

And this last thing to do with them, probably the kinkiest of all… you can, actually use it to give each other massages! I know, I thought it was just an excuse, but it works pretty damm well pressed into the right spots on the back particularly. But try not to use it too much like this, it is a sex toy after all 😉

No matter which one you get Lovehoney seem to be offering a half price wand attachment too, which basically turns into into the most powerful dildo vibe ever. I haven’t tried that, but it looks interesting! I bet that would get someone gushing 😀 (see what I did there?)

The truth about vibes

As a PS, you know MOST women don’t use a ‘standard’ vibe for penetration, right, even though they are that shape? They can just about hit your g-spot but mostly we just push them on our clits. Definitely worth getting a good rechargeable USB vibe too if you haven’t already. We use a Rocks Off one which is fabulous but seems to be out of stock, but we also have this one which is just as good, by one of the luxury vibe makers, Lelo:

The Lelo Mia USB Vibe

It’s hubby’s job to make sure it’s always charged, if we’re ever using it and it runs out, he gets locked back up, which is fun!

So yes, if she doesn’t masturbate much then I’d suggest you get both, as the USB one is much cuter. We love our wand but the USB is used pretty much daily, the wand just a few times a week.

I know I rave about Lovehoney a lot but can I just reiterate why we’ve loved them for over ten years and basically don’t buy toys from anywhere else. Firstly they are super value, you never feel like you’re being ripped off, and their sales are brilliant. They are totally discreet, it all arrives in very plain packaging and they even repackage some of the toys to make them more friendly (whoever though putting naked porn stars on the boxes of sex toys was an idiot, and also, a man). Plus their customer service people are more than lovely. 

But most importantly and why I feel so happy recommending them, they give you 365 days to try anything you buy, and send it back for a full, no quibble refund if you don’t like it. That’s just brilliant! We genuinely take advantage of that, if we don’t like something, for whatever reason, we just tell them and we can post it back and get our money back (or more often the case we just try something else instead! lol)

Edit: nearly forgot…

They sent me a code the other day, if you spend over $250 you can save 20%, so at least $50 with the offer code OFFER2050 (US Site only I think)

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