Thank you so much for sharing your blog and especially your dynamic. My partner also describes herself as adventurous but primarily submissive, and what you describe resonates with our switch dynamic. She is not interested in establishing a FLR, but she was supportive of our exploring chastity play and has slowly begun to embrace its benefits. We are still working at finding the balance. I will share your gmail address with her and I hope she contacts you to correspond. Robert

Thank you Robert! In my opinion the way we do this is really important as in my experience MOST women would tend to be on the submissive side and so all the extreme domme stereotypes found in the captions etc can be unhelpful at least and a huge turnoff for many.

Also the men who have got into chastity tend to get so carried away with it that their expectations are so high no real woman could meet them! So actually showing how this can work for real is super important.

I cage my lovely hubby’s cock because it’s so fucking sexy! We are closer, more intimate and having more sex now than ever! 13 years into marriage and two kids down the line that’s pretty damn amazing!

I’ve learnt to take some control in play times together but honestly, that’s as far as it will ever go – I’m similarly not interested in the Female Led Relationship – I know some women will be but it’s never been for us – honestly, it’s much easier letting him take the lead! lol Just now… he takes the lead, but I have the keys!

But much to our surprise chastity play lets us have the best of both worlds. I only write this blog because I continue to be amazed and excited about its potential – and we want to share that!

So thank you and hopefully your wife will say hi and I can offer some advice for getting you feeling the benefits!

Thanks so much for the encouragement!

Jane xxx

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