Since they were married four years earlier Tonya and Nick had enjoyed when Tonya assumed the more assertive, dominant role in the bedroom. Though they’d never drifted too far down along what many would consider the ‘kinky’ spectrum, it was clear that both of them loved when Tonya would assume control.

Now though, Tonya was ready to take things to the next level. So, with a week long getaway planned she decided it was the perfect time to take an even greater level of control in their relationship. On the first night of their trip she had tied Nick to the king size four poster bed in their cabin and introduced him to the world of chastity.

Though clearly he was nervous and intimidated, it was even more obvious that he was excited and aroused at the prospect of Tonya’s new role in their relationship. For the next few days he was teased mercilessly, denied relief, kept caged in chastity while Tonya enjoyed orgasm after orgasm. She could not have been more satisfied and content, while at the same time Nick was clearly beginning to feel increasingly desperate, helpless and owned.

Now, on the fourth night Tonya could see he was nearly there. Almost broken. Fighting back tears. The helplessness and frustration setting in as he was now realizing the true impact of what was happening in their relationship

With the silky softness of her moist pussy hovering just above his helpless, frustrated trapped erection Tonya leaned down close him. Speaking softly, reassuringly, she murmured, “I know baby, I know…. you can cry if you want to, it’s ok. It’s just us. I understand and I’ll be right here if you do. But, you need to know, that won’t change anything… this is the way it’s going to be for us from now on.”

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